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Complaints Procedure

We are always striving to improve and we welcome compliments, comments and complaints from parents and other interested members of the school community.

who can make a complaint? 

Any person who has a legitimate interest in the school may make a complaint.

Where a person is not able to make a complaint himself or herself, a friend or other family member may do so on their behalf, but that person does not become the complainant.  Complaints from legal representatives will not be accepted.

complaints process 

In order to make a complaint, we require you to have attempted to solve the issue informally at the first instance.  This involves speaking to a class teacher or the member of staff involved to try to resolve the complaint. You may approach a member of the Senior Leadership Team if your informal complaint remains unresolved after that conversation.

If you feel that your informal complaint has not been resolved, you may begin to proceed through our formal complaints process.

Our school has a nominated complaints lead with responsibility for the operation and management of the school complaints procedure.  This member of staff is Obiageli Aligbe. They can be contacted at  However, if the complaint is specifically against the headteacher, please address this to the Chair of Governors, marking your correspondence as confidential and send it to the complaints lead who will forward your complaint to the chair.