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Our Early Years Provision

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Princess May Primary School consists of our Nursery and Reception classes. Both classes are taught within a merged setting by highly qualified staff who follow our own Early Years curriculum, which we have developed in accordance with the EYFS Statutory Framework (2024) and the non-statutory guidance, Development Matters (2023).



Leaders think carefully and ensure that the curriculum reflects pupils' needs. They expose pupils to a rich and broad range of knowledge. The ambitious curriculum starts in the early years. For example, children in Reception make collages which serve as good foundations in Years 1 and 2 when learning about shape and form.


Inspection report: Princess May Primary School April 2023


Our teaching approach in the EYFS
  • Tons of fun activities: We have a mix of exciting things planned by grown-ups and adventures the children choose themselves. 
  • Playtime with a purpose: We know playing is the best way to learn, so we set up special activities that help your child grow.
  • Learning everywhere: We don't just stick to workbooks and desks, we explore exciting things both inside and outside, making learning an adventure.
  • Words, words, words!: We love stories and chats. Your child will hear lots of rich language and have plenty of chances to talk, helping their little brains blossom.
  • Kind friends & helpers: Our staff love showing your child the best ways to learn and play with others.
  • Places that spark imagination: Our classrooms are full of exciting things to see and do, making learning feel like a magical discovery every day.
  • Big feelings, small worries: We help your child understand and manage their emotions, and build friendships that last.
  • Just like them, unique and special: We know every child learns differently, so we tailor activities and support to fit their interests and needs.


Our curriculum overviews

Reception here

Nursery here