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PE Curriculum


At Princess May, we want our children to engage the scheme ‘Get Set 4 PE’ which has helped us to enhance our P.E curriculum. It provides a series of lessons that continually recaps prior learning, furthermore it builds-on new learning giving children the opportunity to improve their skills. There are opportunities for:​

  • Indoor and outdoor sport every term. ​

  • Teamwork and individual performances.​

  • Children to take ownership of their learning.​

  • Children to evaluate and feedback their work/performance.​

The sequencing of lessons has been chosen with the intention of providing ample opportunities to expose our children to a wide variety of sports/games. 


Teachers, coaches and other sporting companies approaches each lesson with high expectation in learning and participating throughout the lesson; this includes appropriate sportswear. Children have an opportunity to use a variety of sporting equipment suitable to the sport/activity being taught.  P.E is a very practical activity; therefore, the importance of safety, health and wellbeing are reiterated throughout the lessons. P.E is taught twice a week; one session is covered by the class teacher the other session by a qualified coach. This is an opportunity to work alongside highly skilled experts who produce engaging and challenging activities to ensure each child reaches their potential and has the confidence to challenge themselves beyond the norm.


We use a variety of strategies to evaluate the knowledge, skills and understanding that our children gain as they progress from Nursery to Year 6:​

The scheme being used at Princess May, builds steadily on knowledge and skill throughout each activity. With enthusiasm and encouragement from the teachers and their peers, children challenge themselves to improve their skills. They enjoy showcasing skill they already had with new skills they have learned and using all that knowledge in trials, competitions and simply to impress their friends. 

cultural capital 

With our firm belief that knowledge is transferable, our pupils are given every opportunity to participate in a wide range of learning experiences beyond their classroom. Children are reminded that Physical Education is a vital part of life. Not only do they learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, they are also encouraged to practise a healthy lifestyle. We encourage walking or cycling to school. From our transport survey, 63% of our children walked, cycled or scootered to school. We have an upcoming edible gardening project that will also give children the opportunity to gain more knowledge about food growth. Cross-curricular linked to science and DT.