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After School Clubs

Princess May After School Clubs are designed to be a place where children enjoy learning in a stimulating, caring atmosphere and develop confidence or gain new skills. We offer a variety of sustainable creative and physical activities ranging from music, cooking, art, computing and sports to more academic clubs (see the current term timetable below).

All Clubs finish at 4.45 pm.

After School Clubs are open for children from Year 1 to Year 6. (See the Play Centre offer for all ages)

After School Clubs Rules

Children should:

  • Go to the middle hall to be registered for their club
  • Eat a healthy snack provided by the school
  • Wait quietly in the hall for the teachers and show green behaviour at all times.
  • Have permission from staff if they want to leave the hall during snack break.

Parents should:

  • Come on time to collect the children at 4:45pm
  • Wait outside in the front playground until the teachers bring the children to you.
  • Be aware that late fee charges will be issued for the children not collected on time at the rate of £3 for every 15 minutes. However you can register your child for the Play Centre and pay £3.50/child and your child will be looked after from 4.45pm until 5.45pm. We strongly recommend you register with Play Centre in advance to avoid additional costs
  • Inform the office if your child cannot attend the club on any particular day.
  • Speak to the office (Joanna) if you want to join another club or make any changes.

How to Register

We register on a first come first serve basis. The places are limited so please check the registration dates at the beginning of each term to avoid disappointment. The midterm admission is welcome if vacancies are available.

The cost of each club for the whole term (10 weeks) is £35 for the first child and £25 for a sibling (snacks included). The payment needs to be made in advance for each half term. There are Homework clubs in each year group at a reduced rate of £5 per term.

Each term our school provides some free academic Intervention sessions for selected children who receive a letter of invitation.

In addition, your child might also be invited to take part in the free sport sessions, thanks to additional funding school occasionally receives. To check if your child qualifies, please see the timetable and speak to the office/Extended Schools Coordinator.

Parent information: