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Year 5

Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 page

What is my child learning?

Please see our Curriculum Map: Year 5 Curriculum Map

Throughout the year, we will be sharing our learning journey, so please continue to visit our page.

Look out for key dates and important information.

We can't wait to share our journey with you! 


World Book Day

Look at all of our fantastic book costumes! Can you guess which book character we are?





Gentrification of Ridely Road Market - Class based art

            We had a great time creating our images in preparation for publishing our                                                Year 5 book about Ridley Road. 


Ridley Road Market

We visited Ridley Road Market to make sketches of some of the stalls, in preparation for the exciting book we are going to be publishing!


The House of Illustration

As part of our exciting new art project on the gentrification of Ridley Road Market, we visited The House of Illustration, to meet the artist and illustrator Lucinda Rogers. 



Harry Potter banquet for our new topic 

To help introduce our new Harry Potter Topic, we had a superb banquet feast in the great hall!   Image result for harry potter great hall





Enabling Enterprise

We had an exciting and educational trip on our Enabling Enterprise day in the city. 







This year for 'Science Week' we investigated scientific changes. We looked at irreversible chemical changes. When we dropped Alka-Seltzer in to water they react together to form carbon dioxide. We applied this knowledge to make rockets using alka-seltzer water and a film canister. It was really exciting watching them!


Topic, Literacy and Computing

To finish our topic Ancient Greece, we studied the Trojan war. We were fascinated by the story of the Trojan Horse. We imagined how the Greek soldiers felt whilst hiding inside. We wrote diary entries from the perspective of the soldiers. We then recorded our stories, during our Computing lesson, using the Morfo App.



In science we are studying 'Materials and their Properties'. In our last lesson we investigated whether materials are electrical insulators or electrical conductors. We then presented our findings to the rest of the class.


Literacy and History

This term we are studying the Ancient Greeks in History and Ancient Greek Myths in Literacy. To learn more about ancient Greece we visited the British Museum where we did a workshop on 'How to identify a Greek God'.




Diamond class were given a wonderful opportunity to visit the Hackney Museum where we looked at the artistic skills of photography and portraiture. We looked at a photography studio in Hackney where families could get their pictures taken to send home to their families in the 1960s and 1970s. We examined the setting and the poses. We then looked at Victorian photos and examined the people. We guessed who they were and where they were from by examining their clothing and poses. Finally, we took pictures of ourselves in old clothing to create our own portraits.




During R.E. week last year we studied Judaism. In particular we examined how we must learn from the mistakes of the past to stamp out prejudice and persecution. We visited the Jewish Museum to learn more about Jewish Traditions. We also used historical artefacts to learn about what happened to Jewish people during World War II.


We wrote our names in Hebrew using quills and ink and we investigated Jewish items: the Torah (the Jewish holy book), Yarmulke (which some Jewish people war on their head) and Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl).


We learned how the Jewish people fled Germany before World War II by learning the story behind a 'spice box' (an item used during the sabbath dinner), which had been buried in a garden in Berlin since the war. We had to wear special gloves to hold it as it was very old and delicate!



In numeracy we have been studying the properties of shapes. In one of our lessons we examined the ancient Chinese puzzle - tangrams. This is a puzzle made up of 2-D shapes and we had to figure out how to make different pictures.





For Black History Month, we studied the poetry of Vivian Usherwood, a 12 year old boy who lived in Hackney in the 70s. As part of our study we visited the Hackney museum to take part in some immersive activities to understand what life was like in our borough when Vivian was alive.



In Year 5, we love to read Roald Dahl's wonderful books. So, during Roald Dahl Week we were excited to study 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'. Our classroom doors were transformed to show what we studied. 



In Science we are studying Space. We learned that the Earth rotates, which gives us night and day. We then wondered how we could prove this through a scientific investigation? We decided to monitor shadows in the yard to see if they move, as this would prove the movement of the Earth.

We outlined the shadows in chalk. We then came down later to check if the shadows had moved or not. We found that they had, which proved our hypothesis.


In Year 5 we learnt about Anglo Saxon shields. We discovered that the design on a shield was very important. The design showed status and allegiance to a particular group. 

We used our shields in a re-enactment of an Anglo Saxon battle in the Princess May playground.