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Year 4

Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page

What is my child learning?

Please see our Curriculum Map: Year 4 Curriculum Map

Throughout the year, we will be sharing our learning journey, so please continue to visit our page.  

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We can't wait to share our journey with you!


UBS Games

Another productive week in year 4. Taking a break from the numeracy and literacy, year 4 were lucky to be invited to the UBS games. Children were given a chance to take part in a huge amount of games from wheelchair basketball to karate!

Everyone had a great day! We even managed to win the team spirit trophy! It was almost too heavy for Mr. Bray to lift. 


We're all going on a bug hunt!!!

In science this term we have been learning and investigating animals including humans. We have learnt that scientists use questions to classify animals based on their characteristics. On Monday we went to the local park to search for some invertebrates!


Docklands Museum

On Monday 12th Willow Class went on an exciting trip to The Docklands Museum to learn about the Victorians.

When we got to the Docklands Museum, there was a kind, sweet lady called Sophie. She took us downstairs and introduced us to a man named Chris. When Chris was explaining to us how Victorians built tunnels, a man that looked like a Victorian approached us. We got a chance to meet a Victorian in real life, we also got a chance to make our own tunnel out of children.  We travelled through a replica of a Victorian town. In the town there were shops and houses around us. In one of the bars there were people speaking and cheering. Then Willow class got separated into 2 groups and we made bridges out of wood and string, the other half tried to build tunnels. It was the best trip ever!


Written by Fatima and Anna (Year 4 Willow)


London Ampitheatre

Roman Poem by year 4

I am a Roman soldier and I must march 20 miles a day.
Like a tough turtle’s shell my shield  protects me.
Panting quickly we marched country to country.
Having a sniff foul odours of soldiers, hit my nose.
Talking quietly the soldiers whispered on and on…
Crying and dying the sound of those I have killed repeats in my mind.

By Ruqyiiya -  Year 4 Walnut


Trip to the Institute of Imagination - Written by Warda

"My class went to the Imagination lab to code a lego robot. The amazing gigantic room was the first thing I noticed. It was hard at first but really fun. My favourite thing was designing the robot's amazing scoop. The challenge was to the make the robot scoop up the pieces of disgusting dirty pollution. The huge problem was that the 'clever' robot kept on going the wrong direction and the scoop kept on falling off."
Warda, Year 4 Walnut Class. 



Our new unit in science is all about sound. In the video below students of Walnut class are demonstrating how sound travels through vibrations from its source. 


Year 4 Loves reading

This week we have been reading part of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have been practising our summarising skills in class. 


A warm welcome back to the school year. The class names for year 4 this year are WALNUT and WILLOW. We have had a fantastic first week back in class. In literacy we have begun studying our class novel which is set in Egypt. In numeracy we have been developing our knowledge of place value and 4-digit numbers. 






In Topic, Year 4 have been exploring the Ancient Sumerians. We explored a myth of a battle between good and evil. We created our own weapons and recreated the battle of Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Humbaba.

UBS Games Competition

As a class, we took part in the UBS games competition. The children got to experience a variety of sports and enjoy competition with their peers and other local schools.




In Science, we have been exploring electricity. We created circuits using tin foil fossils as a cross-curricular activity with our Literacy unit (Jurassic).


World book day 2017

Our theme for World Book day this year was magic. All of the children came dressed up as their favourite book character.

Science Week

As part of science week, all of the children took part in lots of experiments. In these pictures, you can see our experiments.

Making Lava Lamps!

Testing Oobleck Slime!




In Science, we have been exploring animals and their habitats. We researched an animal and presented our findings to the class in a presentation.


In Literacy, we have been exploring character emotions through roleplay. In pairs we roleplayed being the characters from the story and identifying how their movements can portray a feeling.




In Numeracy, we have been exploring how angles can be created using our bodies.


In Science, we have been exploring the digestive system and how it works. We created the digestive system using household items, food and liquid.



In Numeracy, we have been looking at fractions. We have been finding fractions of an amount, shape and calculating sums including fractions.


Anti-bullying week

It's world anti-bullying week and so at school we have been focusing on positive peer relationships and how to spot/stop bullies. CBBC have put together an eye opening series of videos sharing children's real life experiences with bullying. It would benefit your child if you could watch these videos with them and discuss the issues raised. You could ask. What would you do? How would you feel in that situation? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Why do people bully others?

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Remembrance Day 

As part of Remembrance Day the children in year 4 learnt about life in the trenches of WW1 and wrote a diary entry from the perspective of a soldier in the midst of battle.


11th November 1916

Dear Diary,

                                Today in the trenches was a living hell. With a deafening bang a rocket detonated and fragments flew everywhere. All of a sudden a blinding bombs blew out smoke. I was slithering in the sludgy mud trying to kill the enemy troops. Blinding explosions from the barrels of their guns stunned me as I continued on my voyage. My Victoria Cross medal was the only thing that kept me going, my family will be so proud of my bravery I thought to myself.


Blood burst everywhere on the battleground.

By Private Christian Semu Ankunda

Hackney Museum Trip

As part of Black History Month we took the opportunity to visit a museum focusing on activism and social reformation within the community in Hackney. We experienced life in a 1970’s classroom in which the curriculum only focused on white male role models and discovered how this changed and key teachers who campaigned and worked towards a curriculum which exposed children to influences from a multi-cultural background.

Vivienne Usherwood was a young poet from Hackney who achieved excellent success within the local area selling over 8,000 copies of his published anthology. Year 4 children had the opportunity to watch some of his best works being performed by a performance poet acting in role and gained a deeper understanding due to the contextually rich experience.


Activism was a key word within the session and we discovered many ways in which Hackneys Black Community worked together for unity, freedom and social justice and the legacy they left behind for future generations.   


In Literacy we are working as journalists to gather information about a lion which recently escaped in a school. In order to write an article which covers all the facts we need to ensure we include:

We will be visiting the scene, interviewing witnesses, and watching CCTV footage to help us to build a story. Stay tuned for more on the escaped lion soon!

TRY THIS AT HOME: Tune into Newsround daily on the BBC (or online) to watch some real life journalistic recounts. On a scrap piece of paper write down the 5ws WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY as you watch the report write down the pieces of information you hear which tell you WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE or WHY.


RE Hackney Museum

To celebrate Diwali this week we studied the legend of Rama and Sita. Please watch our Youtube puppet show of the legend that we created as a year group.

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Black History Month

October is Black History Month! We love researching and finding out about black youths from our past. This month, we have been thrilled to read poems by a 12 year old boy named Vivian Usherwood, who was inspired to write poetry as far back as 1972. He wrote from his personal experiences of living in Hackney.


We visited Ridely road market as we were inspired by the poems of Vivian Usherwood. Here is Sherae's poem: 

Ridley Road

Ridley Road is a noisy mini city,


Smells of pizza and fish float around the market,

The fishes from around the world,

Stacked high in dishes,

People are walkin' and talkin'

It's all so cheap, they even sell huge legs of meat,

Slish, slop, bang,

People bustling and browsing,

There's a bright mango as vibrant as an orange lamborghini.

By Sharea Hooper

Bang the drum!

Key stage 2 children broke a Guiness World Record on Monday 3rd October at The Copper Box Stadium, Stratford. We all played along to a drum beat for 33 minutes with lots of cheering, clapping and happiness.  

Please check out the link provided for further details.

Bang the Drum