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Year 1

Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 Page

What is my child learning?

Please see our Curriculum map: Year 1 Curriculum Map

Throughout the year, we will be sharing our learning journey, so please continue to visit our page.

Look out for key dates and important information.

We can't wait to share our journey with you! 


Topic - 'Culture and Tradition'

To launch our new topic (Culture and Tradition), we celebrated our class’s different cultures. We dressed-up in our own traditional clothes and shared information about our individual cultures.

We're excited to learn about the history and traditions of the many cultures around the world.

We're excited to learn about the history and tradition of the many different cultures around the world.


Topic - 'Our Green Planet'

As our topic this term is 'Our Green Planet', we went on an exciting trip to Kew Gardens. We observed many different plants and the environmental conditions in which they grow.


As part of geography we made our own globes.



A giant comes to town!

In literacy, we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. Using our imagination, we role played the giant coming to town.


Happy New Year!

Welcome back. To launch our new topic, we carried out an exciting flight simulation. Fasten your seat belts! We will be learning about the first moon landing, rockets, space and more.

Ready to board!

And we're off!


It's that time of the year!

Year 1 would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

We hope you enjoyed our play, Christmas with the Aliens. Well done KS1 for your excellent hard work and co-operation. 


Literacy and Topic

During this half of the term, we have been learning about the story of Paddington Bear in literacy and topic.

We made our very own postcards to send to Paddington Bear!



This half term we have been learning about Shapes in Maths. We learned about 2D shapes and 3D shapes, shape patterns and positional language. We sorted 2D and 3D shapes, we made 3D towers to see which 3D shapes would make the best towers and we used algorithms to direct the Beebots round objects in the classroom.



In our Computing lessons we have learned how to use Tuxpaint to create pictures of our favourite toys.


V&A Museum of Childhood

We went to the Museum of Childhood to learn about old and new toys. We were fascinated by some of the amazing toys we saw. We played in the sandpit, on the board games, with the robots, on the rocking horses and with the amazing sensory lights. 




Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, we went to Hackney Museum. We had an amazing time learning about Caribbean history and how it relates to individuals in Hackney today. We made boat pictures, learned about two individuals who arrived in Hackney from the Caribbean and we learned about the Caribbean culture. 





As part of our History topic Toys, we enjoyed reading the books Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Traction Man. We had our very own Teddy Bear’s picnic in school! After reading Traction Man we role played our own comic stories and made our own comic strips. We had so much fun!


A warm welcome back to the school year. The class names for year 1 this year are Poplar and Pear. We have had a fantastic first few weeks back in class. Please make sure to check out our class page every week to see what we've been learning!




Ragged school museum trip





Year 1 have been very busy since we have been back from our Easter break. We have been working very hard on our phonics, reading real words and alien words. Please do remember to practice at home using the packs that were given out before half term!


Websites to help at home:

Mr. Thorne does phonics


Phonics play


We are learning all about the human body. We have started by investigating how many parts of the body we know and where they are.



Kew Gardens Trip 

As part of our science topic; plants, we visited the amazing Kew Gardens. We looked at many different kinds of flowers.


As we are learning to identify different types of plants, we drew a picture of these wonderful tulips.


We even visited the Hive and got to experience the sounds if a real beehive!


Maths Mastery

In maths we have been exploring length and weight. We had lots of fun measuring things around the classroom using a metre stick, and recording our findings. We have also been weighing using balances, comparing objects to find the heaviest, lightest and balanced objects.


Exploring to find things around the classroom that are longer and shorter than a metre.

The cup is heavier than the pencil.

The cup is lighter than the weight.


We have been very busy in science, our new topic is plants. We have planted seeds and we are keeping a plant diary to monitor the changes, as our plants grow.

First we explored different types of plants.


Then we planted our own seeds to grow our own plant!



We are excited to be learning about geography. Earlier in the week we started making our very own globes using paper mache. So far, we have painted the sea onto our globes.


During this lesson, we made the interesting link between geography and maths. The Earth is the 3-D shape of a sphere.

Stay tuned to see our finished result!


This unit in maths we are learning all about shapes. We have been learning how to identify shapes by their properties. 

Star words that we will be using this unit:

We learnt how to identify a cuboid, by counting how many vertices a cuboid has.


Sorting 3-D shapes by their properties. 

  We know which 3-D shapes make the tallest tower. 

Daily Supported Reading  

In year one we love to read! Every morning in our groups an adult listens to us read. We get to discuss the book and on Friday's we write about what we have read. 


We cut up sentences and put them in the correct order. We then began to practice writing our sentences on our white boards.  




Year 1 have been learning about the history of toys. We have compared old and new toys and looked at how toys have changed over time. This week we visited The Museum of Childhood and took part in a workshop all about teddy bears. The children created a timeline of famous bears including, Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear to name a few. We even got to see one of the first teddy bears to ever be made, it was 113 years old!

A timeline of bears.

     Designing our own bears.

What children used to learn maths and literacy at school.



In maths we are adding and subtracting within 10. We have been using the part whole model to explore number bonds and partitioning. 


"The whole is 5 the parts are 3 and 2"