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Residential Trips

In the Summer Term, Year 5 pupils have the opportunity to go on an amazing Residential Trip to Kingswood in the Isle of Wight!

As one of the leading providers of residential trips, Kingswood helps to bring learning to life! Imagine a place where young people are inspired to learn and grow; where challenges are faced, skills learnt, minds opened and potential nurtured everyday.

Dear Parent,

There is no better way to help a child than to inspire them, and an unforgettable school trip can do just that. It can offer a wonderful opportunity to open minds and nurture potential, to teach life skills, build confidence and create a better understanding of the world. Spending time away from home can also offer young people a chance to embrace adventure and take calculated risks, face new challenges, build self-esteem and make life-long friends along the way.

At Kingswood this is exactly what we do. Working closely alongside leading educational organisations, schools and teachers, we have developed an enriching Learning Outside the Classroom experience that supports young people’s ‘formal’ education and helps them to develop and grow as individuals.

With a focus on accelerated learning by doing, our courses go beyond classroom teaching and textbooks. Aiming to both challenge and inspire, our range of educational activity programmes put theory into practice, promoting resilience and perseverance and encouraging young people to take pride in their achievements, both individually and as part of a team.

Combining educational modules, challenging adventure activities and fun evening entertainment (with the added camaraderie of overnight stays and an experience shared), we offer an unforgettable life-changing adventure in a safe, controlled and nurturing environment. With each of our 9 UK centres offering stunning locations, outstanding facilities and exceptional standards of care, safety and guidance from our friendly, highly trained team, we’re confident that not only can we provide an amazing experience for your child, we can also offer complete peace of mind for you too.

With 30 years experience and over 130,000 students visiting us every year, we’re proud to deliver experiential learning at its very best and we look forward to welcoming your child to Kingswood soon.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Healey MA (OEd), LPIOL, FRSA

Head of Education

At Kingswood this is what we do

  • Inquisitive minds are encouraged to celebrate change.
  • Creative risk taking is always promoted and challenges tackled head on.
  • Confidence is built, resilience developed and self-esteem boosted along the way.

Home away from home

  • All residential dormitories are warm, comfortable and 100% secure.
  • Girls and boys sleep in completely separate areas and teachers rooms are located close by to allow for plenty of close supervision.
  • All bedding is provided on centre - one of the very first tasks for all students is making up their own beds!
  • Separate showers and toilet facilities are available for girls and boys. Depending on individual centres, some rooms come with en-suite facilities.

Just as at school, Kingswood cannot guarantee 100% safety for personal items brought onto centre and they will not be covered by insurance. It is therefore advisable to leave valuables – cameras, mobiles, iPods, MP3 players, computer games, jewellery - at home. A clearly named disposable camera is acceptable.

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