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More Able and Talented

At Princess May, we are committed to providing an environment which encourages all pupils to maximise their potential, including those who display special gifts or talents.

More Able

More able pupils are defined as achieving above age expected levels in all subject areas. Gifted pupils are defined as excelling (performing significantly above age expectation) in an academic area of writing, maths, science, ICT, languages or humanities.

Talented Pupils

Talented pupils have a specific ability in a non-academic area such as art, music, drama, dance or another area of sport which is way beyond that expected at their age.


  • Termly Challenge Days - subject and dates
  • Differentiation
  • Extension classes for year 6 children
  • Enrichment Week - theme and dates
  • Music lessons offered
  • External sports links
  • Science fair

We recognise that some of our children are working at standards well above what would be expected for their age or talented in another area of learning such as the arts or sport. Through our broad curriculum, we provide a wide range of opportunities that helps us identify these children. We then develop appropriate programmes or pathways for these children so that they can develop their learning further. 

Teachers identify children through regular formative assessment in their classes and this is fed back to the senior leadership team through termly pupil progress meetings. We ensure that children who are academically most able are challenged appropriately in class through differentiated planning.

If your child is achieving well, rather than moving on to the following year group’s work we encourage more in-depth and investigative work to allow a greater mastery and understanding of concepts and ideas.

We have also started to make links with local Secondary Schools, who support targeted children through providing additional science, maths, writing and reading lessons in year 5 and 6. 

Our music teacher Mr Oban identifies talented musicians to join music clubs or to have 1:1 tuition at school. We ensure that children talented in the arts are signposted to after school clubs as appropriate.

Setting Suitable Challenges at Princess May

Below is a link for setting suitable challenges at Princess May:

Setting Suitable Challenges for More Able and Talented Pupils at Princess May

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