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At Princess May, we aim for all children to be happy, independent and motivated with a real love of learning.  For us, academic success and personal, social and emotional development are of equal importance and we work hard to ensure that we develop the whole child.We believe that home, school


Our Mission

We are a multicultural, multi faith primary school in the heart of Dalston, Kingsland. We welcome our diverse community their children and the experiences they bring to our school. We want all our children and their families to play a crucial role in the development and progress of the school an

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    Mr Spooner

    Head Teacher

    Princess May is a lovely school

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    Mrs Bangura

    Assistant Head

    Princess May

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    Mrs McCree-Boyle

    Assistant Head (Year 3&4)

    Princess May is a hard working school

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    Mr Alexis

    Assistant Head (Year 5&6)

    Princess May Love to play sports

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    Miss Igene

    Early Years Coordinator

    The Nursery

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